Shalkop, Grace, and Strunk Funeral Home Announces Sheryl Light as its new Supervisor

Sheryl Light has always prided herself on being a person of great compassion for others.

Growing up as the daughter of a Pastor, Jack Mason, who served the Grace Assembly of God Church in Spring City for more than 40 years, Light learned from a very young age to live a life filled with kindness and empathy. After losing a child, she felt the call to pursue a career in the funeral industry to help people walk through their time of grief with grace.

In 2014, Light, who has a Bachelors in Business and Accounting,  began her career in a familiar place, Shalkop, Grace, and Strunk Funeral Home in Spring City, where she still serves the community as a Funeral Director. She also works at a second location, the recently-opened R. Strunk Funeral Home in Phoenixville.

Light said she is pleased to be part of the Strunk funeral expansion, but wants the community to know Shalkop, Grace, and Strunk is committed to servicing the Spring Ford Area with excellence and will continue to do so.

“This is a wonderful first location,” Light said of the Spring City funeral home. “R. Strunk Funeral Home in Phoenixville gives us the ability to add to and expand our services.”

The funeral industry wasn’t always in Light’s life plan. After high school, she attended college in Missouri where she met her husband, Cleveland native Scott Light. After college, Sheryl got a job in Philadelphia, and she and Scott moved back to the area. They have two children, both of whom graduated from Phoenixville Area High School. Sheryl became very involved in the Phoenixville community and with the school, so much so that even now, well after her children have graduated, she still volunteers for school activities like Operation FOCUS and during marching band cavalcades.

“My husband likes to call me a professional volunteer,” she said.

Sheryl got to know Bobby and Dodi Strunk, owners of Shalkop, Grace, and Strunk Funeral Home since 2013, and went to work for them, first handling administrative work. In 2016, she graduated from the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science with a Specialized Technology Degree in Funeral Arts and Sciences.

Going back to school at age 44 while juggling family, studying, and volunteering was a challenge, Sheryl said. But six years after graduating, she said she’s forgotten how stressful those years were.

“I remember sitting at the computer when I got my first syllabus, crying and telling my husband I would never be able to accomplish this,” she said.

She took her schoolwork with her everywhere she went, and her family knew if she was working on school, she wasn’t to be interrupted. She spent two weeks away from her family, living in a hotel in Pittsburgh while she worked on school requirements on campus. At the end of those two weeks, she had made lifelong friends. Thirty-five of them began the program together, and less than 10 finished and went on to work in the funeral industry.

Sheryl’s hard work paid off in droves. She graduated Magna Cum Laude, completed a one-year internship, passed her boards, and began her career with Shalkop, Grace, and Strunk, where she does everything from embalming to administrative work.

“I’m not afraid to have my hands in all different parts of the business,” she said.

Shalkop, Grace & Strunk Funeral Home has been in operation since 1943.  Sheryl is one of many first generation funeral directors in a growing industry for females.

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